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Airsoft is a great hobby, but there’s a lot of things that can go wrong when you’re out in the field. The most important piece of equipment to have on your body while playing airsoft is your goggles. They protect your eyes from debris and BBs that fly at high speeds during games. But how do you know which ones are right for you? There are so many different options!

We’ve compiled this guide to help you find the best airsoft goggles for any budget or style preference. It will provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision about what type of mask will work best with your needs.

In this article, we will go over some of the most important things you should look for in your next pair of airsoft goggles. So, keep reading to find out why these are the best airsoft goggles on the market today.

The Best Airsoft Goggles

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
XAegis Airsoft Goggles, Tactical Safety Goggles Anti Fog

XAegis Airsoft Goggles, Tactical Safety Goggles Anti Fog

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PYRAMEX I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggle

PYRAMEX I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggle

Check Price on Amazon
Valken Airsoft Sierra Thermal Lens Goggle-Clear lens

Valken Airsoft Sierra Thermal Lens Goggle-Clear lens

Check Price on Amazon
Valken Airsoft Echo Goggle, Clear Lens

Valken Airsoft Echo Goggle, Clear Lens

Check Price on Amazon
Fouos Military Airsoft Goggles, Tactical Safety Glasses

Fouos Military Airsoft Goggles, Tactical Safety Glasses

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Lancer Tactical AERO 3mm Thick Dual Pane Lens Eye Protection

Lancer Tactical AERO 3mm Thick Dual Pane Lens Eye Protection

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LAOSGE Airsoft Mask,Mesh Half Face Full Black Set

LAOSGE Airsoft Mask,Mesh Half Face Full Black Set

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Outdoor Sports Military Airsoft Tactical Goggles

Outdoor Sports Military Airsoft Tactical Goggles

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AOUTACC Airsoft Mask Tactical Goggles Set

AOUTACC Airsoft Mask Tactical Goggles Set

Check Price on Amazon
XaegisTac XTG07 Tactical Airsoft Goggles Anti Fog Military Glasses

XaegisTac XTG07 Tactical Airsoft Goggles Anti Fog Military Glasses

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Why Use Airsoft Goggles?

If you are new to the airsoft sport and have never tried out a set of goggles, you probably have a lot of questions. What are they exactly? What do they do for your gameplay? They are specially designed safety masks that can protect you from BBs and other projectiles during war games.

These devices work in one of two ways. Either they are a mesh mask that fully covers your face, or they are a pair of high-quality sunglasses that you wear over your eyes with a strap to keep them in place. Either way, the goggles help block debris from entering your eyes and causing any damage.

The obvious reason to use goggles is that they protect your eyes from debris. They keep BBs and other projectiles from hitting you in the eye, which can lead to serious damage that could cause a complete loss of vision. Do not underestimate how dangerous one little BB can be!

In fact, many people have ended up with serious eye injuries after playing the airsoft sport without proper protection. Blindness or loss of eyesight is a possibility if you get hit in the eye by accident. Even the BB that you think is harmless can do something to your eyes if it hits you at just the right angle.

They cover a larger area of your face and have special venting in the mask as well as padding on the inside. These designs allow them to catch BBs before they hit your face and still offer you a wide field of vision.

Which style best suits your needs?

Full-face masks are a good option if you’re looking for more protection. They fully cover your entire face, so there’s not an inch of skin exposed that could get hit by an errant BB. These are great for skirmishing or outdoor play, but they may be a little too hot to wear for long sessions on the field.

Half-face masks are lighter and more breathable. They reduce the chance of fogging that can happen with other options, which is good for any situation. You get a great amount of protection while still being able to see what’s going on around your face.

Goggles are very comfortable and give you a wide field of vision. However, they leave your face completely exposed to being hit by BBs, as well as other things like paintballs or pellets.

The difference between full-face masks and goggles is that the goggles have extra padding around the eyes to help protect them from impact. They also allow you to see the field of play in front of you while still protecting your eyes.

If you’re new to airsoft and just started collecting gear, we suggest trying out goggles as they are extremely affordable and effective. You can always upgrade later if you see the need for it.

If you have to wear prescription glasses, make sure that you get an airsoft mask that will work with your lenses. If the goggles or mask didn’t come with special features for your prescription glasses, then they probably won’t fit in the masks. You may want to consider custom goggles if you need this feature.

you need to wear a pair of airsoft goggles if you want to avoid airsoft eye injurie

Look for goggles that have an anti-fog coating

There are definitely advantages to using anti-fog goggles when playing a serious game. They keep the lenses clear so that you can see what is going on around you, and they don’t fog up even in high temperatures or humidity levels. The coating works by creating an ion barrier between the lens and the air around you, which prevents sweating or water from getting in.

Anti-fog airsoft goggles also tend to be very comfortable. The lenses are designed to not scratch or abrade easily and are coated to prevent that from happening. They make the best type of goggles to use for airsoft skirmishes, especially in cold weather conditions where you will be sweating a lot from running around. The lenses won’t fog upon you, so you can keep your target in sight at all times. This is crucial for situations where you may need to shoot quickly.

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Airsoft Goggles:


While you may have a mask that fits your face well, you may not like how it feels when you wear it on top of your head for long periods of time. You need to be able to wear them without getting a headache right away. If possible, test out a mask before you buy it. If not, you will want one that is lighter in weight and has air channels to help reduce the amount of heat transferred from your face to it.

Some models come with adjustable straps that allow you to angle them so they sit on your head better. This allows for maximum comfort and the ability to adjust them for your head size. Most goggles have a large field of view, but some offer you more peripheral vision than others. If you want to be aware of what is around your face while wearing a mask, look for one that offers you a wide range of vision. You don’t want to be surprised by anything sneaking up on your blind spot.


Style is always a concern when it comes to equipment that you’ll be wearing on the field. You’ll want to get something that goes well with your team’s costume and look, of course, but also something that fits well into the scenario. You can pick from goggles with full face masks or the goggles themselves. If possible, try to get a new mask that will match your gun’s color and camouflage pattern so it looks more realistic.

It also should be mentioned you may want to pay extra attention to the lens color. For most airsoft games, clear lenses are usually preferred since it doesn’t make any difference as long as you can see through them. However, some games may have colorblind requirements. Make sure to check with the game organizers if you aren’t sure what they’ll be required before you buy your mask and goggles.


Any type of lens you choose will be based on your personal preference. Some players prefer to have tinted lenses that give them a tactical advantage when used in lowlight conditions. Obviously, the darker the lens is, the less light it allows through. This can help you if there is heavy fog or smoke on the field and other players are trying to spot you. Even if it isn’t an actual game requirement, a darker lens may help conceal your identity as should be the case in a real-life situation.

These goggles tend to get scratched up easier than others since they are exposed to the elements more often. However, many of these lenses can be replaced with new ones that fit into the frame of the goggles.

Others prefer clear lenses that they can see through more clearly due to their visibility as it is not tinted or darkened at all. The only real disadvantage with these lenses is that they tend to fog easier, especially in humid areas. You will need a good anti-fog spray for them so you don’t have to worry about that fogging up your goggles when you need them most.

It is best to go for tinted lenses if you are planning on using these goggles in very bright areas, such as outdoors during the daytime or a well-lit indoor field. They can help block out the sun and give you a better vision overall since they have lower visible light transmittance. The only real downside to these lenses is that they have a lower visible light reflectance, which means you can see better but other players won’t be able to see your eyes through the mask as clearly.

You may want to test out both types of lenses if possible before buying any goggles or masks for your airsoft games.


Breathability varies from brand to brand and even model to model. You should make sure your mask is made out of a breathable material, such as nylon or polyurethane. If you are buying a new mask, make sure it features some sort of air channeling system that allows for the flow of cool air into this area so you don’t overheat during play.

Also keep in mind that the less you sweat, the better off your mask will be. If you do not have a high tolerance for warm or hot weather, consider wearing lighter and thinner clothing so you don’t sweat as much. Your mask will thank you in the long run.

If your mask had extra vents, take off your mask and check to see if there is any moisture buildup inside the lens from sweat. If there is, use a soft cloth to wipe away all of this moisture so it doesn’t fog up on you during play.

Vision / Field of view

Not all goggles will let you see as much as others, and the different options may have an impact on how quickly you react to things happening around you. If you are looking for a tactical advantage, look for goggles that allow you to see as much as possible.

Some players prefer a wider field of vision and will opt for goggles that give them this option. They also don’t have to worry as much about their opponent trying to sneak up on them since they can see everything in front of them more clearly.

Others like the feeling of having fewer obstructions between them and the world around them. These people will want to go for a mask that gives them the smallest field of view possible so they can focus on what’s right in front of them.

Safety and Special Features

Some goggles will adjust to fit over your regular glasses if you need them to. This can give you the option of wearing your normal eyeglasses if they correct an eyesight problem that you have and also gives you a mask for those times when you are playing airsoft games.

Some will come with additional padding around the outside of the lens to provide additional protection for your eyes. Consider getting a mask that has this feature so you can be sure you are getting the best possible protection for your eyes during airsoft games. Most of these masks will come with some sort of strap system in place to help keep them on your head much better during a game.

Very lightweight masks will not only be easier to wear, but they will also not weigh down your head or face too much. This can make a huge difference during long games where you will be running around and don’t want to feel weighed down by your mask.

Some airsoft goggles have special features like night vision capability or fog resistance to help with certain environments which can help give you an edge during certain airsoft games. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on your mask only to find out that it didn’t have the features that you needed or the quality wasn’t as good as advertised.

Every mask is unique in its own way, but if you take the time to pick out the right mask for you, you will be able to get better results in your airsoft games and have a lot more fun.


There are several brands that have great quality masks. Any reputable brand will have reviews from different customers across the web so you can easily find out what people think of them and get a good idea of what you can expect from them.

The most popular brands in the world of airsoft are Valken, Pyramex, and XAegis as they all produce top-quality masks at prices that won’t break your budget. In addition to these major brands, there are also a lot of Chinese brands that manufacture high-quality airsoft masks at very reasonable prices, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget.


More expensive goggles are not always better as it may come down to personal preference and what features you need in a mask for your games. The best way to tell which ones are worth the money is to read through reviews on them from sites like Amazon and look for features you would like in a mask before looking at all the prices out there.

Treat goggles as an investment as they will be a lot safer for your eyes and can give you the competitive edge in airsoft games. Try to avoid buying simply the cheapest option as you can see from the list above, there are plenty of quality options for masks on a budget. If you can’t make up your mind, our list with recommendations is a great starting point for your research.


You may want to make sure the goggles you are buying come with a warranty. While airsoft is not as dangerous for your eyes as paintball, it still doesn’t hurt to have a little extra protection if something does happen in the event that your mask is faulty or breaks during normal use.

Most masks will come with at least a 1-year warranty, but some may have longer warranties in case you end up having any problems with the mask. The more proof of a product’s quality, the better its warranty will be so try to find something that has at least a 2-year or longer warranty. This way you know you are getting something of good quality and that should last you a while even if you take good care of it.

Avoid using any type of solvents to clean your goggles as they may break down some of the materials in them or expose you to harmful chemicals. The best way to clean your goggles is to use warm water and mild soap. Never rub your goggles as this can lead to scratches on the inside of them which will make it harder for you to see during airsoft games.

If you have ever been hit in the mask, take it off right away and examine it for damage before continuing with your game. Replacement parts can be purchased if something is broken as well as tape or straps to make sure that everything stays together while you are playing. Taking a few minutes beforehand to inspect their masks and make sure everything is in place can end up saving you from potential injuries later on.

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