While tandem bikes have been around for as long as bicycles, they are now more popular than ever before. Designed specifically to allow riders to pedal together and carry a child or other passenger on their back seat – these types of bicycle called “doubles” (or twins) can be used recreationally or exercise. They can be really useful in developing countries too

I’ve been on plenty of bikes before but nothing prepared me for the challenge that is a tandem. The first time I tried one, it seemed like an easy ride—the second person just has to sit there and hold onto something so they don’t fall off right? Wrong! It’s not as simple when you’re riding with someone else because then both people have responsibility: yours in holding onto what feels slippery at any given moment while also making sure your partner isn’t going too fast or hitting anything dangerous along the path.

So how do you know if a tandem bicycle is right for you? This guide will help explain what it’s like to ride this type of bike and why some people choose to ride in pairs!

What Is a Tandem Bicycle?

A tandem bicycle is any bike designed to have two riders sitting side-by-side, facing forward. Tandem bikes are commonly used for fun, racing and touring by couples or families who want to ride together. 

Tandems come in many different styles, but the most common one has a step-through frame so that both riders can easily mount and dismount without stepping over any part of the bike. The two seats are usually mounted on top of an adjustable mechanism so they can be raised or lowered as needed. 

A Brief Overview of the Tandem Bicycle

A tandem bicycle is a type of bike that has two seats and can accommodate two riders. The rider in the front steers and controls the brakes, while the one at the back operates all other controls. Tandems come in different styles and can be used for touring, racing and recreation.

Tandems have a longer wheelbase than singles because they’re meant to accommodate two people seated side by side on each side. This means that it’s important to choose tandems based on your body size, with smaller frames being more appropriate for shorter riders or children to ride comfortably alongside an adult rider who’d like some extra space between him/herself and their passenger.

In addition to having more room between seats than single bikes do, tandems also have longer wheelbases (the distance from where your front wheel connects with your bike frame up until where it connects again in back) which makes them easier for beginners trying out this type of bike before deciding whether or not they’d prefer riding alone instead!

The wind resistance is almost the same on a tandem as it is on a single. The rear wheel of a tandem is also often times slightly larger than the front one in order to provide extra stability while two people are riding.

Keep in mind the rear riders will have a less direct view of what’s ahead and may need to communicate with the front rider about any upcoming obstacles or dangers! A weaker rider will also need to be paired with a stronger rider as they’ll be relying on them for most of the power.

What’s the point of a tandem bike?

A tandem bicycle is a type of bicycle that has two seats and two sets of pedals, allowing two people to ride together. Tandems are more stable than a single bike because there are two riders working together to steer. In addition, the extra weight makes it easier for the wheels to stay on the ground when going up hills or through muddy terrain. Tandems also offer more fun than single track bikes because you can chat with your partner while riding!

Tandems are also more efficient than single track bikes because both riders can use their legs at the same time instead of one after another as in a regular bike. This means you’ll be able to save energy when pedaling uphill, which is great if you’re an experienced rider but not so good if you’re new at biking! Plus tandems have larger tires than most other bicycles (26″ vs 20″), which makes them better suited for off-road trails too!

Tandem Bike Touring: Pros and Cons

  • Tandem bikes can be used for multiple purposes such as exercise and touring.
  • Tandem bikes are great for touring. They provide a more stable, comfortable ride than singles and they’re also faster on flat terrain. If stability is a concern, then you might want to look for a three wheel bike too.
  • Both riders can pedal at the same time, making them more efficient. They have larger tires than other bicycles, making them better suited for off-road trails.
  • Tandem bikes require less maintenance than two separate bicycles since they have fewer moving parts.
  • Tandem bikes are more expensive and harder to transport than single bikes.
  • A tandem is also harder to ride than a single bike because it takes two people: One person controls the brakes while the other steers or pedals.
  • If you’re not used to riding a bike, it might be difficult to get used to the coordination required for tandem biking. Tandem biking is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a fun way to tour with a friend or loved one, it’s definitely worth considering! Just be sure to practice before you go on your trip!


Can a tandem bike be used solo?

While it is possible to use a tandem bike solo, it’s not recommended. Tandem bikes are designed for two people to ride them at the same time. While this may seem obvious, it means that there are certain aspects of the bike that make it easier and safer for both riders when they’re together. 

Is a Tandem Harder than Riding a Single Bike?

Tandems are heavier than single bikes, which means that it’s more difficult to control them and require more effort from both riders. That being said, if you’ve only ever ridden a single bicycle before getting into tandems, then yes—tandems will feel very different at first (especially when trying to balance).

However, once you get used to riding one (or even better—beforehand), they aren’t actually all that hard! In fact, many people find themselves enjoying riding tandems even more than they enjoy riding singles. They’re able to share their experiences with other people while pedaling along together!

Is a tandem bike faster than a single bike?

The answer to this question depends on what you are trying to achieve with your bike. If you want to go fast, then a tandem will be faster than a single. If you want comfort and stability while riding on roads in flat terrain, a single may be better for you. The power of the tandem comes from its ability carry more weight and cargo than a single bike could at any speed. With more people on board, it can also handle hills better than any other type of bike because of its added balance and stability when going up or down steep grades.

However, if hill climbing is important for your biking experience and terrain is hilly, then investing in some new parts such as stronger wheels with wider rims might make sense before buying a tandem bike instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new gear later down the road.


If you’re interested in cycling, riding a tandem may be for you. Riding a tandem is more stable than riding two separate bikes and allows riders to divide up the work of pedaling. The stronger or more experienced rider can carry the weak rider, or they can take turns helping each other ride in tandem. This makes it easier on both riders because they don’t have to pedal as hard or at all if one of them doesn’t want to pedal or has limited strength or stamina (or both).

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