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The right razor strop is very important for a shaving routine since it supports the razor blade and ensures that your blade will last longer. When you’ve got top-notch straight razors, the last thing you want to do is throw them away because you kept them in a drawer for a few years and the blades became dull. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a razor strop, so keep reading for a buying guide that will help you find the best strop for your money.

The following list of the best razor strops will help you pick your next purchase so let’s see the alternative on the market today!

Parker’s Handmade Latigo Leather Straight Razor Strop 3” x 27” (Red)

Parker’s Handmade Latigo Leather Straight Razor Strop 3” x 27” (Red)

The Parker Latigo leather strop is handmade in the USA, and it’s made from premium-grade Latigo leather. It’s an excellent surface for the stropping of straight razors, knives, carpenter tools, and other cutlery items, and it can be used with both professional and home use.

The Parker’s Handmade Razor Strop is the perfect strop for straight razors, knives, tools, and carpenters tools. The Parker’s handmade strop is 3 inches wide, so you just need a dab of cream or oil to clean and warm up the blade before using.

The canvas woven strop is 17 inches long, perfect for stropping a straight razor. The combination of leather, canvas, and Chicago screws ensures a perfect amount of tension to keep the blade from slipping off a strop, and it also prevents fraying.

The Parkers Razor Strop is among the best straight razor strops available. The only drawback we’ve found is that Parker-supplied instructions recommend using the x-stroping method while stropping straight razors, so if you haven’t down that already, it may be challenging to adjust.

The Parker’s strop isn’t quite as durable or well-made as the more expensive strops in this guide, but it s a solid choice for beginners or those who need a rugged, no-frills strop. For those seeking a cheap strop, the Parker s strop is a good option especially if you re using a straight razor often.


  • Premium leather
  • Built to last


  • Bulky

G.B.S Straight Razor Leather Strop Sharpening Strap 2.5″ X 23.5″

G.B.S Straight Razor Leather Strop Sharpening Strap 2.5" X 23.5"

If you are an Amazon Prime member, this is one of the best valued strops available. This strop will provide years of use.

The leather strop is sturdy and well made, solid construction. I love how it swivels to keep your hands out of the way as you sharpen. Excellent item.

The G.B.S Straight Razor Lather Strop is an essential tool for keeping your straight razor sharp. This tool features dual leather strops that are 2.5 inches wide by 23.5 inches in length.

This tool is made with a dual strops. You place your straight razor or blade on the first strop, then apply pressure with your other hand. The second strop is laid on top. The object is to evenly apply pressure to the your straight razor or blade.

The swivel makes putting this in a pocket or bag easier, and the dual straps help to keep it in place. The workmanship is also excellent, and the quality of the leather makes it feel and look great.


  • Maintains razor sharp edge
  • Durable


Fromm Razor Strop Blade Sharpener,
Top Grain Cowhide, 2.5 x 23 Inch

Fromm Razor Strop Blade Sharpener,  Top Grain Cowhide, 2.5 x 23 Inch

The Fromm Razor Strop is the best strop for sharpening woodworking tools and other fine edges and blades. It s made of smooth, top grain, cowhide leather which will not remove any steel from the blade’s edge. The leather strop will renew and straighten the edges of finer blades, and the other side is canvas impregnated with zinc oxide to abrade and sharpen.

The Fromm Razor Strop is one of the best sharpening tools available. It will allow you to transform a dull blade into a finely honed edge that equals the sharpness you’d find on a brand new blade. The leather is fabulous, and even though it’s expensive, it will last you for decades.

The 2.5 x 23 inch leather strop is large enough to handle most razors, though you might try a smaller one if you’re only sharpening shears or carving knives.

Since it sharpens both sides of the blade at once, it’s ideal for woodworkers and anyone who regularly sharpens a variety of blades. The swivel clip makes it easy to attach to a belt loop or tool belt. They keep falling off my belt while I sharpen. Other than that, it’s a great item.

It s made by a family-owned company at their shop in Pennsylvania, so you can feel good about bringing this product into your home.

After using this blade strop, the blade will look and feel brand new.


  • Affordable


Vanki Straight Razor Strop Leather Sharpening Strap

Vanki Straight Razor Strop Leather Sharpening Strap

It’s made of premium, highly pliable cowhide leather which grips and holds the blade while sharpening or honing. It’s versatile, it can be used to sharpen and hone most types of blades. It’s great for honing razors and knives.

Straight razors and straight-edge blades require constant care in order to maintain their sharpness. Just like any other fine sharp blade, a straight razor needs to be maintained and protected at all times. This is where this razor strop can be quite handy.

We especially liked its fine finish, which polishes the surface of the blade better and in a shorter time than other strop designs. While other strops were fine for honing, we found them to be overly coarse for shaving, and the straight razor strop keeps you shaving smoothly every time. The size also makes it a cinch to store, and it’s compatible with most strop holders.

This straightening strap is very nice. It’s made of high quality cow leather. It’s 18 inches long with 2 inch wide smooth leather strop.

It is super durable. The handle is comfortable and firmly attached.


  • Affordable
  • Smooth leather strop for straight razors
  • Ergonomically shaped for effortless sharpening


RED DEER Straight Razor Strop Leather Sharpening Strap 20 inch

RED DEER Straight Razor Strop Leather Sharpening Strap 20 inch

It creates incredible razor chip marks, and requires periodic stropping to maintain a healthy edge. With proper care, it can last for many years.

The leather fits nice and tight against your blade, helping to ensure a consistent shave. The strop itself is 20 inches long, so it’s ideal for larger razors like the straight razors used by barbers. It also works very well with smaller razors, like the Dovo.

If you’re a fan of old-school men’s barber grooming tools, this is an indispensable item for your collection. It not only works on straight razors, but also on utility knives, scissors, and shovels. At this price point, you can’t go wrong.

The leather strop is cut to 20 inches, which is longer than most barber strops. This length is ideal, allowing the strop to sustain long, continuous strokes without getting too thin.


  • Precut from premium leather
  • Great for preparing straight and curved blades for use
  • A 20 inch strop allows you to sharpen longer blades


  • Expensive

Snake Eye Tactical Straight Razor Strop
Leather Sharpening Strap 20″

Snake Eye Tactical Straight Razor Strop  Leather Sharpening Strap 20"

This straight razor strop is made of high quality leather. It will easily give a final polish to your straight razor. This strop will become your weapon of choice in blade maintenance.

If you’re serious about sharpening, a leather strop is the upgrade you want. It restores blades to a like-new sharpness, and the Suede side is gentle on blades, while the smooth side is more aggressive

As they say, practice makes perfect and you’ll get perfect results with this strop.The Snake Eye Tactical straight razor strop is everything you need to keep your straight razor in tip-top shape. This strop keeps the blade honed with a leather surface that is easy to use, allowing you to achieve the perfect razor edge.

The rough side of the strop gives your straight razor a pronounced edge, while the smooth side helps sharpen and hone the blade. The strop includes a leather flap to protect the blade during storage, and it measures 20 inches long by 2 inches wide.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to attach to pants


G.B.S Ultra Wide Straight Razor Strop Black and Maroon 3″ x 26″

G.B.S Ultra Wide Straight Razor Strop Black and Maroon 3" x 26"

This leather strop is beautifully made and works great. The leather looks even better than pictured. This leather strop is a great addition to a gentlemen’s shaving kit.

This strop does its job.It does nothing fancy, but sharpens the blade extremely well and does so continuously. The leather has a perfect amount of grip and is very comfortable to hold. The stropping surface is nicely wide, so I like that I can put on a fairly thick layer of stropping material.

The wide, flat surface of the strop lets you get such a long shave without pressing down too hard. The leather is excellent quality, and the brass adjustment rings were tough enough to stand up to lots of use.

The G.B.S. straight edge razor strop review really started with getting one of these as a gift. This strop is handcrafted and is perfect for maintaining your razor in excellent shape.


  • Easy to clean


Stamesky Razor Strop – Barber’s Latigo Leather Straight Razor Strop

Stamesky Razor Strop - Barber's Latigo Leather Straight Razor Strop

A quality shave requires hours of on-the-spot practice with a straight razor, and this strop will help you spend more time honing your skills. It will easily sharpen a 3 inch wide shaving blade in no time.

The Razor Strop makes a great gift for any straight razor collector. The strop is made of high-quality brown latigo leather on one side and woven polypropylene on the other, and it also offers two types of tension.

The leather side allows you to adjust the pressure and speed of the razor’s edge toward sharpness, while the woven side, which is reversible, allows you to control the angle of the razor as you sharpen.

The handles offer a comfortable grip and let you vary the amount of pressure you use to flatten the edge, and both handles are made with brass hardware, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon.

Razor Strop is ideal for both beginners and experienced barbers. This strop is made of high-quality leather. It is very durable and easy to use.


  • Premium leather
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Very easy to use


  • Expensive

Sonew Store Genuine Leather Strop Razor Strops

Sonew Store Genuine Leather Strop Razor Strops

The coarse side is used when honing blades or razors that need a little extra care and attention, and fine side is ideal for stubborn whiskers that need extra attention.

The construction is sturdy, and the hook and loop fastening system ensures a tight, secure fit. The included coarse and fine sides are labeled and measured clearly, so it’s easy to find the right setting for the task.

It cleans up easily with a damp cloth or bathtub cleaner. If you rely on a strop to keep your razor sharp, this is an excellent choice.

The width of the belt is 3.5 inches and is 24 inches long, which is perfect for the feel of control. This leather strop feels nice and soft and has just the right amount of grip to make honing razors or blades easy.


  • Inexpensive
  • Durable


Now that I’ve got the right razor strop, my straight razor is ready for action.

During the test of razor strops, we tested whether the strops are well-made and durable and we looked at the following things:

  1. Quality: Is it easy to use?  What’s the weight? How about it width?
  2. Stitching: Does the razor strops have good stitching? Does it feel durable?

The last thing that we factored into our test was the price. The best overall product was then determined.

We have tested razors and recommend the Parker’s Handmade Latigo Leather Straight Razor Strop as the best razor strop. With the excellent price, long warranty and high quality of this strops, we consider this to be the best options in its price range.

The G.B.S. Straight Razor Strop is a classic and highly recommended razor strop and that’s our runner-up. It has a good sharpening surface with a nice wide blade slot that is easy to use with the included handle.

Our value for money option is the Fromm Razor Strop Blade Sharpener. It is a very simple but effective sharpening tool that does a good job of keeping your blades looking sharp and is very easy to use. 

What to consider when looking for the best razor strops?


While straight razors aren’t that hard to use, you must take the time and effort to properly sharpen them. If you don’t, you risk cutting yourself and ending up with an uneven shave. Fortunately, after a few passes and a few minutes later, you can learn how to sharpen a straight razor and get the benefit of close and smooth shave.

It’s also important to note that a larger size won’t necessarily mean a higher price tag. If you’re a beginner, a size of 4-inches by 2-inches will be perfect. If you’re an expert, an 8-inch by 4-inch strop will be ideal.

If you want to keep your razor sharp, you need to strop it.

What materials are razor strops made of?

Stropping can bring a dull blade edge into life, or even help a blade that was sharp, to begin with, stay that way in between shaves. They can be made from many types of leather and various materials with cowhide, horsehide, and synthetic ones being the most common.

The cowhide ones are a budget-friendly option but it all comes down to personal preference. Don’t forget to also buy saddle sop and oi in order to clean the leather side of your strop.

The key considerations for what makes a good strop are:

1. The material used for the strop,

2. the stitching plays an important role in the functionality of the strops.

The coarse side is used to remove nicks, rust, dirt, and burrs from rough edges that are formed when the blades are used. Strops are traditionally made from leather, but can also be made from synthetic or other non-leather materials.

You have to make a decision and figure out what kind of straight razor strop you want. There are three different kinds: leather, linen, and canvas.

Razor Strops. Clean Your Razor in Seconds with These!

Frequently Asked Questions

What compound to use?

Do you need a hard or soft compound? An oil compound or a creme compound? A white or pink compound? There are many factors to consider when it comes to the maintenance of your razors. The compound, also called strop paste, is a lubricant used to provide a smooth surface for sharpening straight razors, and electric and other manual razors. It can also be used to keep your razor in good condition when it’s not in use.

Professionals have their own choice of stropping paste. From electric strop paste to traditional oil strop paste, or even water-soluble diamond paste. If you google for the best strop paste, you’ll get a million different answers. The best stropping compound should offer a substantial improvement in how sharp an edge feels and looks.

To achieve this, a stropping compound should be able to both remove fine amounts of metal from a blade’s edge and hold onto the removed metal so that it is not redeposited on the blade’s edge during the stroke.

Are strops ready to use Immediately?

You’ve just got a new razor strop, but you’re not sure how to use it. Or you’re worried that you’re not using it right. Or maybe you’re just wondering if you’re using it enough. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! A lot of folks think that you need to wait for the leather to break in before you start using your strop. However, to get the most out of your leather razor strop, you should start honing as soon as possible.

At first glance, the idea of a razor strop seems pretty simple: if you want to keep your razor-sharp, you need to strop it to keep the edge on it. But that simple definition is hiding a lot of potential confusion. After all, when it comes to stropping, there are two different sides to the strop: the leather side (also called the spine), and the smooth side (also called the fall).

Which side do you need to use first? The answer is it depends on the type of blades you are stropping. If you want the best results, you should strop the blades in a direction from the spine toward the cutting edge for the first time, and then strop it in the opposite direction from the cutting edge toward the spine for the second time.

What’s the difference between stropping & honing?

Stropping and honing are often used interchangeably by novice straight shavers, but there are some differences between the two that can make one option more desirable than another. With stropping, a strop is run through one’s fingers in a back and forth motion to create a straight razor edge as sharp as possible. Stropping is used after honing to remove nicks and burrs from the edge of the razor. Stropping should be done after every shave and about once every month you should run the razor through a hone to re-establish the edge. Honing, on the other hand, refers to the act of using honing steel to straighten a blade. The edge created by honing is not as sharp as one created using a strop, but honing the blade is much faster and easier than stropping.

The first thing to understand about how stropping a razor works is that it has very little to do with the types of strops you use: whether it’s suede or smooth leather, or even whether it has a bit of abrasive thrown in to help the process along.  Stropping is about removing microscopic burrs on the cutting edge of the razor’s blade. These burrs only happen at the microscopic level and are usually only visible using a microscope. It is possible to completely remove all of the burrs by carefully using a microscope and a strop, however, it’s simply not worth the time and effort involved in doing this.

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