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A rotomolded cooler is a plastic insulated container that has been formed into the form of a cooler. This means that it can be packed with ice and cold drinks, as well as placed in your trunk to keep food cool on those hot summer days. They are typically lightweight and small enough to fit in the back of your car. Due to its durability, it can be used in various types of occasions like picnics, parties, etc.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of rotomolded coolers and how to use them in your day-to-day life. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down your research for the best rotomolded cooler for your needs.

Best rotomolded coolers

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 20Q Premium Ice Chest Roto Cooler

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 20Q Premium Ice Chest Roto Cooler

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Monoprice Emperor Cooler - 50 Liters - Blue | Securely Sealed

Monoprice Emperor Cooler – 50 Liters – Blue | Securely Sealed

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Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler with Cool Riser Technology, Fish Ruler, and Tie-Down Points

Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler with Cool Riser Technology, Fish Ruler, and Tie-Down Points

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Cascade Mountain Tech Rotomolded Cooler - Heavy Duty

Cascade Mountain Tech Rotomolded Cooler – Heavy Duty

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RTIC Hard Cooler, 45 qt, Tan, Ice Chest with Heavy Duty Rubber Latches

RTIC Hard Cooler, 45 qt, Tan, Ice Chest with Heavy Duty Rubber Latches

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Driftsun 110-Quart Ice Chest, High Performance Roto-Molded

Driftsun 110-Quart Ice Chest, High Performance Roto-Molded

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Seavilis Roto Molded Ice Box Cooler 45qt

Seavilis Roto Molded Ice Box Cooler 45qt

Check Price on Amazon
YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler, White

YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler, White

Check Price on Amazon
Coastland Delta Series Rotomolded Coolers

Coastland Delta Series Rotomolded Coolers

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Blue Coolers Ice Vault – 55 Quart, Roto-Molded Ice Cooler

Blue Coolers Ice Vault – 55 Quart, Roto-Molded Ice Cooler

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Our Recommended Rotomolded Coolers

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 20Q Premium Ice Chest

Editor’s Choice
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Heavy-duty, high performance cooler with built-in Microban product protection that helps make the product easier to clean
  • Constructed with a premium blend of thick polyurethane insulation that maximizes ice retention; Perfect for outdoor adventures and camping
  • Features a freezer grade 360 degree rubber gasket and corrosion-resistant T-latches that creates a tight seal to keep the cold inside
  • Seamless, one-piece, roto-molded construction is built to last; Includes anti-skid feet, an oversized drain, and an integrated fish ruler
  • Meets the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee standards for Bear-Resistant containers when used with the appropriate locks (sold separately); Keeps ice up to 4 days

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This ice chest is a great budget-friendly option that will allow you to keep ice for up to 4 days without breaking the bank. This is an ideal cooler for a wide variety of scenarios and perfect for campers on a limited budget. It is designed with a drain plug on the bottom that will allow you to drain water without clogging, and also features a rotating steel handle that is quite handy to have. The handle is made from heavy-duty stainless steel and will allow you to easily carry the ice chest thanks to its comfortable grip.

This cooler can be found in two colors to choose from and is typically found at a reasonable price online, so make sure you check this one out while researching. Overall, this is a great product at a great price, It is bear-resistant, and the polyurethane insulation works wonders.

Monoprice Emperor Cooler – 50 Liters – Blue | Securely Sealed

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Buy with Confidence: With Monoprice’s Lifetime Warranty on all Cables, you can rest assured we stand behind our products and our customers.
  • Any Conditions:The coolers are ideal for even the hottest and coldest conditions your adventures might find. Keep cold items cold for more than 130 hours or hot items hot for more than 150 hours, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Securely Sealed:Ordinary coolers are a magnet for bears, who open them easily and either consume or make a mess of your food. That is not the case with Emperor Coolers. The durable rubber anchor latches are augmented with steel reinforced padlock holes at both front corners. Unless the bear can pick a lock, your food is safe and secure!
  • Stay Tied Down:Tie-down slots on each side allow you to use with tie-down straps to keep your cooler from sliding around in the back of your truck or boat.
  • Rotomolded Construction: Stress-free, low-pressure rotomold construction makes our Coolers durable to their very core and virtually indestructible.

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I wanted to include this option from Monoprice as it’s among the cheapest coolers that worth investing in. You can find them in various colors and they are ideal for backpacking, fishing, or any outdoor activity. I like the fact that you can tie down the cooler in order to prevent it from sliding on your boat or truck, a feature you don’t usually find in this price range.

Many will appreciate the bottle opener on its side which can be quite handy to have. It also features a drain system that will allow you to drain water for storage when not needed. You can find this model in three different sizes to choose the one that provides the right capacity for your need, all of them made with the same high-quality materials.

The handles on the side are essential for easy transporting it to your desired location, but keep in mind that it can be quite heavy when full. Overall, this is a great option for outdoor enthusiasts since it can be found at a really attractive price for its features. Make sure to check this one out while researching for your next rotomolded cooler, especially if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler with Cool Riser Technology

Value For Money
9.1/10 Our Score
  • Heavy duty blow-molded construction with reinforced base for increased strength and protection.
  • Extremely durable yet lightweight with proven 4-5 day ice retention
  • UV inhibitors protect the cooler against sun damage for extended life.
  • Rust-resistant, stainless-steel hinge rods and hardware provide extended performance.
  • Rubberized T-grip latches keep lid secure.
  • MaxCold body with 20% thicker foam and insulated lid provide advanced cooling performance and up to 4-day ice retention.
  • Cool Riser Technology molded base elevates the cooler away from hot surfaces and improves cooling performance.
  • Comfort grip, 3-point-grab handle for easy one-handed carrying.
  • Built-in tie-down loops for securing cooler during transport.
  • Integrated ruler on lid easily estimates your catch.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash

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This model is quite compact and lightweight, with a 25-quart capacity. The cooler has excellent performance thanks to the insulated walls and the cool riser base, being able to keep drinks and food cool for days.

Thanks to the advanced technology from Igloo you can expect up to 5 days of ice retention due to the thicker foam and insulated lid. Overall, this is a budget-friendly option that can be found at a very attractive price online.

Cascade Mountain Tech Rotomolded Cooler – Heavy Duty

Honourable Mention
8.8/10 Our Score
  • Extremely tough: roto-molded construction makes this bear proof design with heavy duty rubber latches, durable nylon rope handles,
  • Molded lock plates, recessed no-leak drain plug, non-slip feet, and freezer-quality gasket
  • Ice retention for days: with 3 inches of insulation for maximum ice/cold retention. Holds up to 70 cans + ice
  • Perfect for every occasion: whether you are going fishing, camping, or having a backyard barbeque this roto-molded cooler with fit all your needs
  • Accessories included: includes a dry good basket to keep your lunch or snacks Dry while the rest of your items stay chilled in the ice, and cup holder to keep your beverage secure
  • Dimensions: 80-quarts internal volume. Interior: 26. 62″ X 11. 18″ X 14. 75″ Exterior: 33. 18″ X 19. 25″ X 20. 31″, Weight: 49 lb.

Last update on 21st March 2023 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is a well-built option from Cascade Mountain Tech, with enough room to hold 70 cans, and comes at a really attractive price. You can also opt for the 45-quart version that is also available, but I think that this 80-quart rotomolded cooler is a greater value for money option if you have enough room. This model has an extra thick insulated wall that is essential in order to keep food and beverage cool for quite some time. I like that it features heavy-duty latches that seal the cooler.

This model features rope handles on its side, and they are quite durable. They allow for great grip so you can effortlessly transport the cooler when needed. I would consider this a great investment for campers and outdoor enthusiasts as its capacity is ideal to store your food without taking up a lot of space.

Advantages Of Rotomolded Coolers

  • One of the main advantages about this type of cooler is the ice retention ability. This means that the ice will remain solid for days. If you are looking for a cooler that can keep things cold for hours, then this is a great option.
  • Rotomolded coolers are known to be very durable and can withstand wear and tear. They will last you a long time if you take good care of it.
  • They are also known to be very easy to clean. They can be cleaned with a simple wipe down, which makes it effortless for you to use over and over again.
  • These coolers come in all shapes and sizes from small soft-sided coolers, to large hard shell coolers that hold up to 100 cans of soda!
  • Rotomolded coolers are also easy to carry because they have a handle on the side which is usually very sturdy.
  • The best feature about rotomolded coolers is that they are completely leak proof. This means no more worrying about the cooler you are carrying leaking all over your trunk!

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Rotomolded Cooler:

Size and Capacity

The first thing you should look at when deciding which cooler to purchase is the size and capacity. Rotomolded coolers usually come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you choose one that can suit your needs.

The 25-quart models are relatively cheap, light-weight, and more portable.

The 45-quart designs are more expensive, and their holding capacity is more significant. They can keep food and drinks cold for around five days while the 150-quart models are enormous and can hold a food capacity needed for a group for a maximum of 10 days.

Durability and Material

You want to make sure that it can withstand wear and tear, as well as the outdoor elements (i.e rain, snow, etc). Always look for durable rotomolded coolers that can keep their contents cold for hours on end.

Plastic rotomolded options dominate the market. They are useful as plastic does not rust and is equally keen to sustain heavy weights. However, some manufacturers compromise the quality of the plastic material by using low-quality plastic.

Steel is also a material used, however, despite the steel being durable, it is heavy to carry, thus minimizing the portability of the product. Ordinary steel is not useful as it is prone to rust and will depreciate sooner, while stainless steel is durable as it is rust-free.

The best rotomolded coolers are made with durable, high-density polyethylene and a tough outer shell that resists punctures and UV rays.

Insulation and Ice Retention

The best thing about rotomolded coolers is that they are able to retain ice for more than three days. This means that you won’t have to get ice every couple of days when camping or on long road trips. If you hate having to buy new bags of ice every day, then rotomolded coolers is the right choice for you.

The ability of ice retention tends to vary depending on the design of the product. It is essential to discuss with the manufacturer on the ice retention feature in order to avoid future disappointments.


The rotomolded coolers are available in lightweight designs that can be carried around easily. These products have side handles that you can easily loop your hands through and then carry upright. While they may not be as convenient as backpack-style carriers, their lighter weight means they are ideal for being carried.

Handles are normally located on both sides of the cooler so you can carry them from either side.

Wheels are often attached to the cooler, making it easy to transport. These are perfect for heavy-duty use as they can be wheeled along paved paths or on rough terrain. The larger their wheels, the smoother the roll.

Keep the party going on the go with a molded cooler.

Features and Ease of Use

A rotomolded cooler with a few extra features is always a good idea as you can use them for more than just keeping drinks and food cold. Some models come with additional features such as fishing rods holders and tackle trays for fishing trips. Other features might include additional storage compartments, drink holders, and tables that can be folded flat.

The best rotomolded coolers have strong latches that are able to lock in place easily without breaking off. These lids remain close on top of the cooler, minimizing spills and maximizing weather resistance.

Make sure that the latches and hinges of rotomolded cooler are rust-proof and resistant to extreme weather conditions. This is because you do not want the latches to break off under heavy circumstances, such as when you are on a camping trip and it starts pouring rain.

Drain age spouts are also essential as they eliminate the possibility of water or melted ice building up inside the cooler. This means that you no longer have to worry about removing excess water by tipping it over!

Easy Cleaning

Rotomolded coolers should be easy to clean. Choose one that has a high-quality material made from materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene so it is resistant to mildew and odor. If the cooler you choose can be cleaned easily, then you will not have to worry about maintenance.

Ideally, rotomolded coolers should come with a drainage plug that allows melted ice to drain out. This also means that you would be able to wash the entire product in your dishwasher once it has cooled down!

Cost and Warranty

These types of coolers can range from $80 to upwards of $500 depending on the size and features. Make sure you check out the price of each cooler before making a purchase so you can get one that fits your budget. If you’re looking for an affordable rotomolded cooler, then we recommend checking out Amazon’s best-selling products.

Lastly, make sure you read the warranty of each cooler before making a purchase. This way, you know the manufacturer stands by their product and is confident in it lasting for at least 10 years.

Make your game-day experience even better with the perfect cooler to keep all of your food and drinks cold!


Is it necessary to freeze food before putting it in the cooler? If not, how long will it stay cold if it isn’t frozen?

When you are looking to keep food cold in a rotomolded cooler, then it is best to buy pre-frozen ice instead of regular cubes. The reason is that the water molecules in frozen ice are less polar than regular water which slows down the rate at which the temperature changes. This means that when you put items inside your rotomolded cooler without being frozen, the ice will melt and it will be harder for your food to stay cold.

What Are the Most Effective Techniques for Packing a Cooler?

If you are looking to pack the entire cooler with multiple items, then it is best to do so in a specific order. This will help maximize space and ensure that each item has equal insulation without being pushed around.
Step 1 – Put a layer of ice on top of everything else at the bottom
Step 2 – Place a layer of freezer packs on the ice
Step 3 – Gently lay and pack your drinks and food around the freezer packs
Step 4 – Place another layer of ice above everything else to minimize movement and maximize insulation

How Often Should I Clean My Rotomolded Cooler?

You should clean your rotomolded cooler in the same way that you would with other products such as a backpack or lunchbox. Be sure to use soap and water, and dry off the product when you are done to prevent mold from forming.

How Long Will My Rotomolded Cooler Last?

The exact amount of time that a rotomolded cooler will last depends on the brand and quality. Typically, this type of cooler can last anywhere from 5 years to 10 years depending on usage and maintenance!

Are there rotomolded coolers that are bear-proof?

Not all rotomolded coolers are bear-proof. However, there are some brands that have done an extensive research to ensure that their design is similar to the dens of bears. This means that even if a bear tries to break into your cooler, there’s a slim chance it will be able to do so.

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